Breakfast ANTIOx

 Reintoarcerea la origini, redescoperirea mancarurilor  autentice, si  privirea cu nostalgie la modul traditional de viata  face parte din curentul slowfood ce inunda Europa saturata de conserve, si E-uri.  Retetele de la bunica se reinventeaza, iar produsele  din fermele mici, cele produse de localnici, sau cele exotice cumparate prin sistemul fair-trade, arata ca lumea se indrepata spre responsabilitate sociala, lasand  consumerismul fad la o parte.

In aceasta dimineata  in cadrul unei intalniri la restaurantului din cadrul NH Hotel Bucharest voi lua un interviu faimosul chef spaniol Enrique Martinez, creatorul meniului inovator al micului dejun ANtiox, pregatit exclusie pentru restaurantele din cadrul  lantului hotelier NH Hotels:

Pentru ca experienta sa fie completa, interviul va avea loc sub forma unui discutii  formale  la micul dejun. Interviul  va fi in limba engleza.

Me: Bienvenido a Rumania Chef Martinez. I am honored to meet you

Chef: Gracias.  It is my pleasure to visit Romania, to find more about your country’s genuine products.

Me: In the first line I want to thank for your positive answer regarding this interview. The idea of an interview during an innovative meal, likebreakfast AntiOx  is one of a kind. So let’s speak about it. Why AntiOx ?

Chef:  Creating this menu I used only natural ingredients like fruits, vegetables, muesli, and 100% natural fruits juice. And this fruits and vegetables are an extraordinary source of antioxidants, the secret of a happy and long journey through life.

Me: Please tell me about yourself as a person, but also as a chef.

Chef: I am just obsessed about the healthy routine of life. A think is important for us to know what we eat, and to trust the source of our food. I am promoting in Spain also the healthy meals, and encouraging people to buy fruits and vegetables from their local producers. It is about quality, and improving the local community’s life.

Me: Everyone think that eating fruits and vegetables, they are respecting the healthiest rulls. But things are running differently. Can you give me some advices of how to cook in a healthy way?

Chef: For the start is important how you slice the fruits and vegetables; for example when you make a salad from cucumber, and tomatoes you use a normal knife; but if you do not eat in the salad immediately is getting oxidize, and it is not healthy and tasteful anymore. I use a ceramic knife when I slice the fruits and vegetables. The breakfast can be healthy and looking also appetizing. On the other side I cook with water and use a bit of love oil.

Me: Does water is important during the cooking process?

Chef:  Believing or not, in my point of view the water is one of the most important ingredients.  When coking, a clean source of water is mandatory. I educate people that using clean water in irrigation is the best way of getting tasteful vegetables. I believe is just water that makes food more delicious.

Me: Why choosing the work with NH Hotels?

Chef: I think that somehow we share the same values: closed to nature, promoting local products. And their services like the Ecomeetings, and The Green club are reasons to believe that NH has a green future to develop with.

Me:  Before eating the extraordinary antiox breakfast, the   NH team told me that you have a surprise for me? A secret about a future gourmet invention

Chef: NH Hotel is preparing to launch a special Room Service, which would be named Room Appetit; I will create the gourmet meals. How sound for you Mediterranean Gourmet Burger, Celebry Salad, or Crazy Sandwich?

Me:  Sounds delicious. The breakfast has arrived. Thank you Chef for your time given to answer my questions! Let’s eat!

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