Neptun-Olimp Resort

 The Neptun Olimp Resort is located at 38 km far away from the city The Neptun Olimp Resort is located at 38 km far away from the city of Constanta. We can arrive here by car, or by the train.It is placed between the lakes Neptune (Neptune Neptune I and Neptune II) to the east west of Comorova Forest.

 The main beach called “At the Flags “,continues in the south to that of Jupiter, and Olympic beach in the north, but the connection with Olympic beach area is bounded by an area belonging to the Romanian Government.

 Neptune Beach resort has an average width of between 30-100 m, sand, smooth entry into the sea and sandy bottom. The natural cure factors are exciting coastal continental climate, saline aerosols and solar radiation, chloride, sulphate, sodium, magnesian, hypotonic seawater, with a degree of mineralization of approximately 15.5 g / ‰), mesothermal sulphurous water springs (with temperatures ranging between values of 22 to 27 degrees Celsius), and mud taken from Techirghiol Lake.

 For who enjoy a Spa tratement Cocor Spa is the perfect place. Massage, sauna, swimming pool parts of science are well-expressed so well by the Roman dictum, Salute Per Aqua.

 Kremlin Club, near the center of the resort Neptun, revive Soviet theme, black and red floods the atmosphere, the symbol of hammer and ax is now a matter of amusement and fun.

 Vision Club Jupiter located only 10 minutes walk from the center of Neptune, organized Thursday nights karaoke contests for talented people, at any age. Olympus Vision is a stylish club, for those who want a sophisticated place to have fun.

 For nature lovers visiting the Reserve of Brown Quercus is imperative. The transport between resorts is made by buses run every fifteen hour even on Sundays and taxi station are right in the center city. The food is extremely delicious. Restaurants serve seafood, fresh salads, and delicious fruits.

 Families with childrens spend their holiday in Neptun-Olimp resort, because some hotels offers babysitting services, and make available to children large play areas.

 For the souvenirs lovers, Prichindel Fair, is opened starting June till, is offering Romanian craft.

After a night full of light and music, open your eyes, breathe easily, and prepare yourself. The adventure of a new ispired day begin.


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